Help Your Kids Control Their Screen Addiction – Mentoring Workshop

The Thinking Cap Tutoring Centre has been helping hundreds of students since 2004 excel at school. As time progresses and technology is advancing, parents are complaining even more about their children being addicted to their phone, iPad, TV and/or their computer.

With the advancement of technology, it’s becoming more difficult for parents to determine if their child is engaging in casual device use or if they have developed a psychological dependence on their devices.

A decade ago, tutoring centres primarily helped students with their school work, assessments and understanding difficult concepts. However, we’re now finding it’s increasingly more important for us to help students deal with stress, anxiety and managing addictions to their screens. This is why The Thinking Cap Team have come together to create a mentoring program to address these issues our youth are facing.

Signs Your Child is Addicted to their Devices
  • Extreme reactions when separated from their device
  • When visiting family and friends, they prefer to be on their devices rather than socialise
  • They’re constantly switching between multiple devices such as social media, TV, texting, gaming, etc.
  • They’re not sleeping well and are having difficulty focusing at school or while doing their homework

Our upcoming ‘Screentime Addiction’ workshop will focus on helping your child understand:

  • The conscious and subconscious effects of screen time
  • The dopamine neural reward system that makes devices so addictive, and how your child can avoid this trap!

By the end of the session, your child will develop stronger self-awareness and discipline. They will also find healthier alternatives for stress management.

Event Details

Who: For Year 7-12 Students

When: Friday 19th of August from 5 – 7:30 pm

Where: The Thinking Cap Tutoring Centre, Library Room (71-75 Wangee Road, Level 3, Lakemba, 2195)

Cost: $40

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