A school teacher, at times, may be unable to provide your child with the desired attention due to the number and level of the kids in your child’s class. At The Thinking Cap Tutoring Centre, our classes are much smaller, allowing us to provide the individual attention your child deserves.

At The Thinking Cap Tutoring Centre, we cater for the child who is falling behind and the child who wants to accelerate!

We tutor the topics taught at school, provide our students with top resources, past exam papers, and thorough explanations. We do this not only because we can, but because every mark counts.

Our tutors are qualified teachers, university graduates and tertiary students completing relevant degrees, who are friendly, enthusiastic and inspirational mentors with a common passion for education.

The advantage of our tutors currently undertaking tertiary studies is that they’re young, energetic and connect well as a friend/mentor with your child. They’re also able to provide up to date advice with regards to university courses from firsthand experience.

Homework Help tutors are manually selected by us. We strive to provide the best tutors, each expert in their respective fields. We have strict requirements for all our tutors to ensure we’re able to provide you with the best answers.

We generally have 3-6 students per class, and there is a maximum of 10 students per class. This ensures dynamic class discussions; students learn from each other’s questions while still receiving the individual attention required.

In group tuition, students are motivated by competition with other committed students. They can compare their progress with other students; learn from questions, answers and comments made by other students in the class. This group discussion builds collaborative teamwork skills, which is necessary at university and in the workplace.

At The Thinking Cap Tutoring Centre, we are firm believers that one on one classes are still necessary. They come in handy when preparing your child for specific exams, covering difficult topics or if your child is easily distracted.

Will my child have the same tutor for all their lessons?

Yes! We aim to book the same tutor for each session your child has. If your tutor is on leave or your availability changes, we’ll match your child with another suitable tutor and update them on your child’s progress. We keep in touch regularly to discuss your tutor preferences and any potential changes.

We believe all our classes should be followed up with homework to strengthen the concepts learnt in class by putting them into practice. It also helps our tutors track their progress and monitor which areas require improvement.

In the event your child is absent from any lesson, we will aim to provide a make-up lesson. However, in the case, a make-up lesson is unable to be rearranged, the cost of the lesson is non-refundable.

No, we don’t.


We offer discounts on the term fees for each additional sibling you enrol. When you give us a call, we’ll provide a customised discount package for your family!

We also offer an early bird discount if you pay before Week 3 of the School Term!

Yes, of course! We’re confident with the level of service we offer. But we would love for your child to try their first lesson for FREE before we commit to this journey together of helping your child reach their academic goals! Your child will join the class like all the other students and receive all the resources provides. If you don’t want to continue, there are no strings attached!

Most resources will be provided. Bring an exercise book, stationery, calculator for maths classes and an eagerness to learn.

Enrolling at The Thinking Cap Tutoring Centre is easy! Call us on 0415 625 525, and our operations manager will assess your situation, and provide you with the best solution to help your child reach their academic goals!

We use a popular online video conferencing system called ‘Zoom’. All you need is a laptop or computer with an internet connection, audio, and camera. It works on Windows, Mac, iPads, and smartphones. 

Before your child’s lesson starts, you will receive a link, simply click the link and you’ll join the lesson. Inside you’ll see awesome features such as:

  • A live whiteboard where your child can solve problems together.
  • Click a button asking the teacher to ‘speed up’ or ‘slow down’ without interrupting the lesson.
  • The tutor can share their screen to show you diagrams or their working out.
  • Chat and share files with their tutor or the class.
  • Create a breakout room where you or your child can chat with the tutor in private.

With the advancements in technology, we have found there is nothing you can’t do in an online tutoring lesson. Our parents love it because it eliminates dropping off and picking up your child. It’s been great for our students who are visual learners. We’re able to immediately share our screen to show diagrams, graphs and videos to help your child grasp concepts and sharing extra resources are much easier.

All of our sessions are live and very interactive.

Our Tutors are passionate and vibrant people who are handpicked because they love to serve the community and want to make a difference. They’re of top character, they communicate effectively, and they care. All our tutors follow an induction program when they start, and we have ongoing professional and personal development training.