Success Stories

The Thinking Cap has really allowed me to grow as a student. I have been doing maths here for a year, and I really feel like I have improved immensely. The staff here are really helpful, supportive and they genuinely care. I feel more confident and really enjoy coming here!

Khadija Rustom

The Thinking Cap provides school based classes for students from a specific school. This has helped me a lot because I’m able to learn the same work I’m being taught at school.

Zayd Mohammad

The Thinking Cap Tutoring Centre has helped me become more confident in answering/solving questions and improved my ability to focus on my studies more and socialise with new people. I feel a sense of belonging when I come here.

Atia Anjum

The Thinking Cap is a very supportive centre! I know there will always be someone to help whenever I need anything.

Ayat Tizani

The Thinking Cap Tutoring Centre has greatly helped me improve my marks and ranks at school. I have been sent a letter of praise from my school for significantly improving my ranks in Year 11. This was only possible with the help of my tutors at The Thinking Cap.

Arwa Al-Rashed

An excellent tutoring centre that goes above and beyond to ensure that each student is receiving the help they need to excel at school. They are always professional and willing to give students the optimal level of support to be at the top of their classes at school.

Salim El Helou

As a teacher myself, I must say that it has almost been a year since my son has been going to high school tutoring as I can only go up to primary concepts with him. The Thinking Cap and their staff are extremely dedicated and professional. They really take each child to their next level and keep us parents informed. Keep up the great work!!

Anisa Khan

The Thinking Cap has always been a safe haven for me. Without a doubt, every time I have a lesson, everyone accepts me and treats me like family. I am so blessed to have met all the tutors who have taught me over the years that I have been coming.

Amanni Elmir

The Thinking Cap has helped me gain confidence in my ability to do chemistry. They have taught me effective ways to study and take care of my mental and physical health.

Rafida Mahbub