Quality Tutoring Centre That Has Helped Students in Belmore Achieve Their Academic Goals since 2004!

Hear From Our Students And Their Parents

Here’s Why Parents in Belmore Are Choosing The Thinking Cap Tutoring Centre

Whether your child is falling behind or wants to excel, our expert tutoring lessons will help your child with what they’re learning at school to ensure they reach their academic goals.

Established Centre

The Thinking Cap has served the local community in the Canterbury-Bankstown area since 2004.

Outstanding Tutors

Each of our friendly tutors scored 90+ in the subjects they teach and can explain difficult concepts clearly to their students.

School-based Lessons

Groups of students from the same school are motivated to learn together while covering topics they’re doing at school.


We treat each student like an extended family member and look forward to seeing them each week.

Value for Money

Even group lesson content is tailored to each student’s needs so they fill the gaps in their education.

Small Group Lessons

Group numbers are kept small to support the academic needs of our students.

Individual Lessons

Private tutoring can be arranged for students who are struggling with a specific subject or need some extra help.

Online Tutoring

Learn from the comfort of your own home and save time travelling to our tutoring centre.

Endless Resources

We have plenty of study notes, answered syllabus dot points and past exam papers.

To the Belmore community – Come and learn at our highly recommended tutoring centre

How Our Belmore Tutoring Sessions Work

The Thinking Cap Tutoring Centre is a family-owned business that has been servicing the Belmore community since 2004.

We’ve created customised solutions to address your child’s needs. These include:

Our tutors won’t only teach your child the content, but they’re also excellent mentors your child can connect with and ask for guidance. They will provide your child tips on creating a timetable, studying, prioritising, staying motivated, and the list goes on.

A common frustration most parents and students have about tutoring centres they’ve been to in the past is they revise different topics from what they were taught at school. We solve this by creating school-based classes where students are from the same school. They will go through the same topic they’re learning at school, and they’re motivated to learn with their peers.

Some students need customised lessons to address specific topics they’re having difficulties in or to prepare for an upcoming assessment. Our one on one lessons are perfect in this case.

For parents who struggle to take their children to all their extracurricular activities, including tutoring. We provide quality online tutoring for your child from the comfort of their home.

We look forward to tutoring students in the Belmore community so they can achieve their academic goals!